• A FRESH laundry room makeover!

    A few weeks ago, I was inspired to do something a little…. DIFFERENT with my laundry room. It was painted the same beautiful taupe color that the rest of the house is painted, but I thought it needed a little color. And I do love color. :)

    Here is the laundry room BEFORE:


    And HERE is the new, FRESH laundry room! I first found the fabric, and promptly fell in love…. So, the room was really built around the fabric for the valance, which my mom made (I love you, Mom!). Then I chose a wall paint color (Calypso, from Sherwin Williams).

    Of course, I wanted to incorporate photography somehow, so I took a few laundry-related photos. I hid all the laundry-related stuff in coordinating bins, and presto! New laundry room!

    7 Responses to “A FRESH laundry room makeover!”

    1. Kristen says:

      I LOVE THIS KARA! I think I”m going to steal this idea

      What color is that on the wall??

    2. Jenny says:

      That laundry room is GORGEOUS!! You did an amazing job. It looks like a great place to hang out. I am thinking about mine now…. : )

    3. Elizabeth Finney says:

      Love it! Kara, I am 95% sure that the blue in Dan’s new office is called Calypso! So beautiful!

    4. Julie says:

      Wow, Kara, this is awesome!! Having a room like this would make me WANT to do laundry…..ok, maybe I wouldn’t go that far 😉 But it’s amazing and I’m so jealous of your laundry room!

    5. Elizabeth Finney says:

      Nope just checked – the name of the color is Capri. So close though!

    6. Holly says:

      Incredible as always. You have a gift!

    7. kelly says:

      this looks great, so bright and springy!!

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