• Food! Food!

    I shot these for my kitchen – can’t wait to see them on canvas!


    blood orange (2) web

    carrots (2) web

    blood orange web

    carrots web

    cauliflower web

    garlic web

    lime web

    peppers web

    radishes web

    peas web


    2 Responses to “Food! Food!”

    1. sarah herman says:

      I’m a photographer wanna be and am really impressed by your work. Are you using a macro lens for your flowers and food photography? Also, what is your go to lens for your people and children shots?

      Thanks a lot – I’m just trying to learn…


    2. Kara Roberts says:

      Hi Sarah! Yes, I used my Canon 100mm 2.8 macro for all these shots – I love that lens. I also use it quite a bit for portraits, but my other go-to for portraits is my 50mm 1.4. Thanks so much!

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